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Blended Families

Blended families arise where a couple enters a relationship and one or both of them have children from pre-existing relationships.

Will makers in this instance often want to leave all their assets to each other in the event that one passes away, but they also wish to ensure that their respective children benefit from their estate after the surviving spouse passes away.

Without specific strategies in place there is a risk that the surviving spouse could change their Will and leave everything in their estate to their own children. One way to manage this risk is to have a Mutual Will.

Mutual wills must be drafted by lawyers with experience in the myriad of complications that can arise when things go wrong. You must consider the significant legal issues and obligations that may arise when the will maker passes on.

The team at Sajen Legal have extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning, including representing and advising clients in the situation of a blended family.

Our experienced team will guide you through pros and cons of this aspect of the estate planning to ensure that your wishes are achieved.

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