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Business Advisory

Our company law solicitors assist companies and businesses in purchasing other businesses whether incorporated or unincorporated.

We often advise on amendments to and interpretation of constitutions, memoranda of association and articles of association; shareholders agreements and directors’ and trustees’ responsibilities. We have acted on a number of multi-million dollar acquisitions and disposals, restructures and de-mergers across Queensland and Australia.

Business Restructuring

If you’re in business long enough, chances are you’ll be involved in a dispute of one sort or another. And the way the legal system works, sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether you’re in the right. The costs alone of fighting a claim can sink some companies. It’s vital your business structure is set up continue reading

Business Contracts

Issues that regularly arise in trade and commerce are terms of trade, data protection and privacy issues, performance of contracts and agreements, regulatory compliance and enforceability of contracts, management of liability under contracts, formulating claims and resolving disputes. Sajen is often approached to advise on the exercise of rights under contracts, including the effect of continue reading

Employment Advice

It’s a rare business that has no employees. And employment relationships are one of the most common causes of disputes in business. With the proper contracts and policies in place, you can minimise the potential for dispute, and protect your valuable intellectual property and confidential information. You can even prevent former staff from unfairly competing continue reading

Business Asset Protection

If you’re in business long enough, chances are you’ll be involved in a dispute of one sort or another. And the way the legal system works, sometimes it doesn’t even matter whether you’re in the right. The costs alone of fighting a claim can sink some companies. It’s absolutely vital your business structure is set continue reading

Company Structuring

Getting your company structure right from the commencement of your business is important to your long term success. If the ownership structure is not correct it can put at risk your assets and have taxation issues as a result of a lack of planning. The most common business structures are sole trader, partnership and proprietary limited company. continue reading

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team has many years of experience in acting for a variety of buyers and sellers in both private and public acquisitions in a variety of industries both domestically and internationally. We will assist our clients in the pre-transaction phase, develop the sale or purchase strategy to deliver the best possible outcome and provide commercial continue reading

Directors Duties & Governance

A detailed understanding of the obligations of a director and the requirements for appropriate corporate governance are essential for any successful company. Failing to understand your obligations as a director and maintain appropriate corporate governance structures can be devastating for companies and directors at a personal level. The legislative framework within which companies and directors continue reading


Franchising is becoming one of the most popular business models in Australia and throughout the world. We have acted for various clients throughout Australia in a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, retail, real estate, health and many more. Our legal team understands the complex legislation and regulation that apply to franchises continue reading

Legal Business Health Check

Over many years our team identified that many of our business clients, both large and small did not have in place the right tools to review their business objectively. Our Legal Business Health check can be used when conducting a due diligence process for a new acquisition, a merger or as a tool to review continue reading

Management Rights

A ‘management rights’ business most commonly refers to the combined business of providing caretaking and letting agent services for a body corporate complex.  Usually, a management rights business will include: The right to provide caretaking services, for which the manager is paid a salary by the body corporate; The right to provide onsite letting services, continue reading

Trust Deeds

Setting up the appropriate trust structure is essential when structuring your business or investments. The Business Services team at Sajen Legal have extensive experience in advising clients on appropriate investment structures, including trusts. Trusts can be setup in various ways to provide your business with many benefits that include: a tax minimisation strategy; a shared continue reading

Buying & Selling a Business

Buying and selling a business is a significant commercial transaction often involving large commitments of time, money and energy. All of your legal options need to be considered before making such a big decision. We have acted for thousands of buyers and sellers and our experience ranges from small business purchases to very large complex continue reading

Terms of Trade

Any successful business should have documented terms of trade with all external parties and stakeholders that the business deals with to ensure payment and detail the relationship of supply. Terms of Trade agreements include supply agreements, licensing agreements, purchase agreements, distribution agreements and agreements with customers. Terms of Trade need to be tailored for each individual continue reading

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