Sajen Money seminars for clients who benefit from the Sajen Accord.

It was with great enthusiasm late last month that we held the first of our Sajen Money seminars for clients who benefit from the Sajen Accord.

Sajenised clients enjoyed a number of informative presentations. Tony Townsend of Townsend Insurance Services spoke on life insurance, key person insurance and the use of buy sell agreements in business. Ian Ferris of Your Insurance Broker discussed general insurance matters and the need for properly managed claims. Jim Lowrie of The Infinite Group gave a very interesting talk on the key requirements for businesses looking to sell.

The Seminar was well received with the feedback indicating the information provided will help significantly with future plans of the numerous business owners in attendance.

Sajen would like to thank again to all who attended, and a particular thanks to our presenters for taking the time to offer their expertise (and humour).

And the excitement continues here as, next week, members of the Sajen team are attending the Austmine 2013 Mining Technology conference in Perth next week. A number of Sajen Accord clients, all busy participants in the mining industry, will attend as our guests.

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