When we all understand the Assignment: Assigning a retail shop lease as part of a commercial business sale

An easily overlooked element of a commercial business sale is that of assigning the existing lease, which is key in enabling the buyer to continue operating the business in the same premises where the seller currently resides. While the steps involved, in assigning the existing lease, may be relatively straightforward the time and effort in continue reading

Fancy something on the side?

It is becoming more prevalent, in connection with commercial/retail shop leases, for financiers of both Landlords and Tenants to seek the other party to enter into a direct “side deed”. For example, the Tenant’s financier will (in addition to taking a mortgage over the Lease), seek direct contractual relations with the Landlord in order to continue reading

Out They Go! Major Changes To Retail Shop Leases Act

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Landlords, tenants and managing agents should be aware of new provisions under the revised Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 (the ‘Act’). The Retail Shop Leases Amendment Bill 2015, staged to commence in November 2016, triggers new considerations when entering into a lease. The changes are intended to uphold present consumer protective provisions, whilst clarifying some continue reading

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