How Sajen Accord will change the way you use legal services forever.

Sajen Legal understands your need to draw on legal expertise from a trusted and experienced firm without worrying about being charged for every minute. So, in a move already turning the legal industry on its head, Sajen Legal has introduced Sajen Accord.

Sajen Accord delivers a fixed fee, pro-active solution that is results focused and developed in full consultation with you. Sajen Legal offers you the power to determine legal costs within a budget and in advance. By having access to legal advice without fear of incurring additional billing time your clients can often prevent issues from escalating by addressing them with they arise.

We’ve recently been working with Image Project Group in respect of a number of their recent developments, including the project in Nambour. This is what managing director Ryan Vietch had to say about the Accord:

In the property industry there are many issues that will require legal advice and services to resolve, however, due to the fact that each development is unique it is difficult to quantify these issues up front so we must deal with them as they arise. Things like advice on the best way to structure a property deal or preparation of sales disclosure documents will change from project to project but what doesn’t change is the need for them to be dealt with efficiently to enable us to realise the opportunities & mitigate the risks. The Sajen Accord legal billing model suits our unpredictable business operations and we like to think of it as legal insurance because while we may not have a constant need for legal advice and service we can at least rest easy knowing that when it’s needed we can contact Kyle and his team without hesitation and get a prompt response.

Ryan Veitch of Image Project Group

Sajen Accord removes the fears that impede speedy decisions and action. You can quite simply have access to all the business legal services you want for only one annual small fixed price, payable monthly. And that’s it! Unlike any other legal billing model, Sajen Accord offers you unlimited access to our experienced team to attend to your legal work in a speedy and efficient manner for an annual retainer starting from just $9 a day

At Sajen Legal, our job is protecting your businesses. Protection we deliver in an accurate, pro-active and timely manner. Protection we make available to you 24/7 every single day of the year. Protection you can factor into your annual financial budget up front. All for a very small and very manageable monthly fee.

If you are interested in hearing more about how this revolutionary way of year-round legal advice for a small fixed fee, you can contact me by either clicking on our quick enquiry form on our website.



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