Do Your Wages Add Up?


Do your wages add up? All employers should make note of the 2.5% increase to minimum wages which will apply from 1 July 2015. Check out the Fair Work Ombudsman’s update for more details: If wages are left unchecked, not only can underpaid staff members come back to bite you for large lump sum continue reading

Keeping It Fresh


Have you ever had an idea which you thought was totally original? Have you gone on and done a bit of research, only to find out that it has been done before? Maybe you have started humming what you thought was an original melody, only to realise it was actually a song you heard on continue reading

Brandish Your Power

brand logo

The term “branding” originates from the practice of marking cattle with a branding iron to differentiate them from the stock of other farms. But the concept of branding as we understand it today is far removed from those humble origins. Brands are no longer limited to a logo or name; branding comes in many shapes continue reading

The Try On


The forces of good prevailed over those of evil yesterday.  It doesn’t happen every day, but it is heartening to know that just occasionally the system works as most fair minded people think that it should. We had recently been consulted by a lady who some 7 years ago resigned her position as a director continue reading

5 Symptoms Of Post Christmas Insolvency

post christmas insolvency bankruptcy

The post Christmas period is a notoriously difficult time for many small businesses.  The excesses of the festive season are compounded not only by customers with their hands in their pockets but December’s production was cut short by holidays and Christmas party hangovers.  Sadly, for some businesses those difficulties can be precursors to total failure – insolvency. continue reading

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